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Dietrich Roaster
To produce our exquisite coffee profiles, our choice of roasting manufacture is the Dietrich Roaster. The beauty of these manchines is in their efficient design. Diedrich roasters are averaged to be 50% more efficient at roasting than any other roaster their size. The efficiency extends to a brilliantly cleaner roasting medium that allows for less of a carbon footprint and a more green approach to creating the perfect blend.

Our Master Roaster Doug says, "When I'm focusing on all the aspects and demands of roasting the last thing I want to do is have to discard a batch of coffee ddue to a roaster malfunction. Our Diedrich roaster gives me the heat and profile control I need. I can rely on it to be consistent every time."

Thanks to our loyal coffee drinkers, our customer base grows yearly and we are pleased to meet your demands!

Our Master Roaster
Ekobrew K-cup
Ekobrew™ is the ideal alternative for single serve coffee brewers. When you use your own coffee with the Ekobrew™, you can save up to 70% and more. Because the Ekobrew™ is reusable, there is no disposable plastic and foil cup to end up in a landfill
Looking for an alternative to expensive K-cups? We've got you covered! The Ecobrew™ will fit in any K-cup coffee maker, check it out or buy one today!