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The world's largest coffee producer accounting for one-third of the industry's coffee. The bean is as versatile as it is delicious both paired with another origin coffee or on its own These aromatic beans account for twelve percent of the coffee consumed around the world. They are among the most popular beans in the industry. Columbia has become one of the best locations for growing. The birthplace of coffee. Whether dry processed or wet processed, the flavor will always be unmistakably Ethiopian. Both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, the two most popular in the industry, are grown here. While the beans are delicious, they're not commonly found in the United States. Among the most expensive coffees in the world, Jamaica Blue Mountain beans are wildly popular and expensive. The beans produce a mild, soft cup of coffee.The coffee industry employs over one-fourth of this country's population. The best and most notable beans in Costa Rica are grown between 1200 meters and 1700 meters. Most beans in Nicaragua are shade grown and are known to have a high acidity content. In Panama, the best beans come from high grown plants in rich volcanic soil located on the Baru Volcano.